How to vote


Election day is 22nd May 2014

Those who are registered to vote will be sent a card from the Westminster Electoral Services department, this poll card will have details of where your polling station is and the day of the election.

The polling station will be open from 7am to 10pm.

There will be tellers outside the polling station who will ask for your voting number on the card, this is so they know who has voted and won’t contact you to ask if you have already voted.

Churchill ward is divided into two areas known as Polling districts these are called CHA and CHB.

The polling station for CHA is Churchill Gardens Youth Club, Churchill Gardens Road, SW1W 8RU.

The polling station for CHB is St Barnabas School, St Barnabas Road, SW1W 8PF

Once you receive your ballot paper the Labour Action team candidates will be identified by the Labour logo: Labour logo

For information on voting or to check if you are registered to vote contact Westminster’s Electoral Services at or Telephone: 0207 641 7500 (Monday-Friday 9.00am to 5.00pm).


Your polling station is:

Churchill Gardens Residents' Hall,
Churchill Gardens Estate SW1V 3AL

St Barnabas School,
St Barnabas Road SW1W 8PF