Westminster Council Elections 2018: Our Manifesto & Pledges




Stand up for local people – putting YOU, the residents of Churchill Ward, first 

Be a strong voice for tenants and leaseholders – supporting good local housing for local people and a fairer deal for tenants and leaseholders 

Support our estates – ending the current mismanagement of our estates, giving residents a real say in their running and a full ballot on regeneration plans

Have zero tolerance for crime and anti-social behaviouraiming to ensure that all residents in our community feel safe and respected

In addition, if elected on May 3rd, a Labour Council will:

– Build many more new Council and lower rent homes while scrapping Westminster’s divisive homelessness policies

– Stand up to Conservative government cuts and restore support for vital public services such as our youth clubs, children’s centres and support for the elderly and vulnerable

– Provide a planning system that puts residents first, making developers pay their fair share, restricting the spread of new tall towers and ‘iceberg basements’

– Fight for fairness in our communities by supporting the London Living Wage and defending the rights of our EU Citizens

– Protect our citizens against crime and antisocial behaviour by fighting Tory police cuts and investing in the Council’s community protection work

– Create a cleaner, greener city with action on air quality, tree planting, support for cycling and a focus on fly-tipping

Westminster Labour will do this whilst keeping council tax low and protecting twice weekly bin collections.

For more details about what Labour is proposing please read our manifesto for the 2018 Council Elections.