Action taken on Churchill Gardens parking


Back in the autumn, Churchill Labour Councillors started pushing for Westminster City Council and CityWest Homes to take action on parking on Churchill Gardens estate.

We had listened to residents’ complaints about cars parking without a permit, the lack of parking enforcement and the congestion caused – which could in turn cause access problems for emergency vehicles – and did estate walks looking at the issues.

We then raised the problems and concerns with CityWest Homes – asking them to take enforcement action against unauthorised parking and to implement a TMO (Traffic Management Order) to enable Council traffic marshals to patrol the estate.

We’re now pleased to report that action has now been taken as a result. CityWest Homes have sent a letter, questionnaire and factsheet to all residents on the estate, informing them of their proposals and asking for their views on parking arrangements.

If you live on the estate, please make sure you complete and return the questionnaire by Friday 16th February.

CityWest Homes will also be holding a surgery at the South Area Service Centre, 137 Lupus Street, on Wednesday 14th February between 4pm and 6pm.

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