Churchill Labour Councillors update Peabody residents


Churchill Labour Councillors have written to Peabody Residents to update them on work they’re doing on their behalf:

We are writing to update you on our work as your Churchill Labour Councillors lobbying Peabody on the issues you have raised with us.

As a tenant, you will be informed that the present Chief Exec Steven Howlett will shortly be handing over to Brendan Sarsfield, following the merger with Family Mosaic. We have requested a meeting with Peabody’s Senior Management team and the new Neighbourhood manager.

Peabody inform us that Chelsea Gardens and Wellington Buildings will be part of the 2017/2018 Quality Homes programme, and it is planned that works will commence during the summer of this year.

They have commissioned Savills to undertake a stock condition survey which will report in May 2017, and they tell us they will then formulate the programme for Quality Works programme on the rest of their estate. We will continue to monitor the programme and ensure that residents’ homes are brought up to a sufficient standard.

We will keep you updated on our work with Peabody; please let us know if you have any further issues we can take up.

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