A Bridge Too Far – Churchill Labour Councillors call for Nine Elms to Pimlico bridge plans to be shelved


Churchill Labour Councillors Murad Gassanly, Shamim Talukder and Jason Williams have called for Wandsworth Council to shelve their plans for their proposed Nine Elms to Pimlico bridge.

Since last year’s local elections the Churchill ward Councillors have been putting forward their objections to the scheme and the views of local residents to both Westminster Council and Wandsworth’s consultants.

Councillor Murad Gassanly said “We remain opposed to the bridge due to its impact on the local community and lack of need given the proximity of Vauxhall and Chelsea bridges, as well as the upcoming cycle superhighway.”

Councillor Shamim Talukder said “The bridge is an unwanted vanity project. We believe the £43m could be better spent on public services rather than wasted on this project.”

Councillor Jason Williams said “It’s very concerning that Wandsworth keep pushing on with this project despite continual opposition from this side of the river. We have been objecting to this bridge from day one and yet Wandsworth refuse to listen to local residents.”

The Churchill Councillors have written to Wandsworth Council Leader Councillor Ravi Govindia to call on him to end the project.

Councillor Ravi Govindia
Leader of the Council
The Town Hall
Wandsworth High Street
SW18 2PU

Dear Councillor Govindia,

Proposed Nine Elms/ Pimlico bridge

We are writing as the Councillors for the Churchill Ward in the City of Westminster to ask that you shelve plans for a bridge between Nine Elms and Pimlico.

When we met with your consultants Colander Associated Ltd on 24 November 2014 we made clear residents’ objections to the proposal and since then there have been continual opposition to your plans from across Pimlico.

We very much regret that Wandsworth seem set to press forward with these plans despite being made well aware of local opposition. It is time that Wandsworth listened to opinion on this side of the river and cancel your plans.

We share local residents’ concern at the loss of green space in Pimlico Gardens and believe that with the Vauxhall and Chelsea bridges and the Cycle super highway the proposed bridge is unnecessary and unwelcome.

Yours sincerely

Councillors Murad Gassanly, Shamim Talukder and Jason Williams

Petition to stop the proposed bridge from Nine Elms to Pimlico

We are supporting the petition to stop the proposed bridge from Nine Elms to Pimlico which is being promoted by Wandsworth Council who have hired Colander Associates to operate a design competition www.nepbridgecompetition.co.uk.

The proposed bridge is not yet live. Let’s keep it that way. TFL’s initial feasibility studies estimated time savings, compared with crossing the existing bridges, of around 7 minutes for pedestrians, and 1 minute for cyclists.

You can sign the petition here http://change.pimlicoalliance.uk

The two existing Chelsea and Vauxhall bridges are about 1 mile apart.