Our approach to the Ebury Bridge Estate regeneration


Churchill Labour Councillors Shamim Talukder and Jason Williams, and Labour Action Team member Andrea Mann, have been continuing work to support residents on Ebury Bridge Estate, speaking to them about Westminster City Council’s regeneration plans and the need to tackle issues such as overcrowding.

Cllr Talukder said: “We support any scheme for Ebury Bridge Estate that both benefits local residents and helps tackle Westminster’s housing crisis. I have dealt with a great number of cases of overcrowding and poor housing on Ebury Bridge Estate and in the ward as a whole.”

While Westminster City Council are still failing to promise residents a referendum on any final plans – even after offering one on the original scheme, which was then followed by years of broken promises and wasted taxpayers’ money – the Labour team in Churchill Ward is offering a different approach.

“Our solution would be a radically different one than the opaque approach of Westminster Tories,” said Cllr Jason Williams.“We would work with residents to draw up a People’s Plan for social housing – involving tenants and leaseholders in a transparent, collaborative conversation – and give them a referendum to ensure they have a full say on any final plans.”

It’s clear from our conversations with them that Ebury Bridge Estate residents feel a great deal of uncertainty – caused first by the way the Council mishandled the project initially, and now by the way they are going about managing the new scheme. “We would work to rebuild this trust with the community, and urge the Council to do the same.”

We want to hear your views on how you think Ebury Bridge Estate could be redeveloped for the benefit of the community. To let us know your views, or to be kept updated on our campaigns on the estate, please contact us on info@churchilllabour.co.uk.

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