Churchill Gardens Safer Neighbourhood Team Report


We are concerned about groups causing Anti-Social Behaviour such as dealing drugs and making noise. We are taking this very seriously with our partners such as City West Homes. There has been a lot of action taken in the last month which we hope to increase so that your estate is a nicer place to be. There have been numerous letters sent by City West Homes to those causing this nuisance. Some have had letters advising of their poor behaviour giving them an opportunity to stop their current behaviour. The worst offenders that live outside the estate have had banning letters sent to them. We are putting together ASBO applications for certain individuals at this time. We are also going to refer people on benefit with abnormal amounts of money on them or a life style above their means to the Department of Work and Pensions so they can investigate and act where appropriate. We the police are working closely with our partners so the right people are identified and joint coordinated action is taken. This will be more effective in the long run.

If you have any information of addresses or persons that could be of interest to the police please contact: Churchill SNT on 020 8721 2805.

If you wish to remain anonymous please call:
Crime Stoppers on 0800 555 111.

Or email