Labour Councillors call for rebate on Churchill Gardens residents’ parking permits


Labour Councillors Shamim Talukder and Jason Williams, and Labour Action Team member Andrea Mann, have written to Jonathan Cowie, CEO of CityWest Homes, calling for a rebate on residents parking permits in Churchill Gardens.

Parking on the estate was previously managed by Wings Parking, but this contract ended on 30 September 2016.
Churchill Labour Councillors lobbied CityWest Homes and the Council’s Head of Parking to begin enforcement patrols on the road immediately.

While warning letters were placed on cars we flagged up as being parked without a permit, no full-scale monitoring of parking has taken place until the recent CityWest Homes consultation on a Traffic Management Order (TMO) for the estate. This is due to come in force this spring, which will allow WCC Traffic Marshals to enforce parking rules on the estate.

Cllr Jason Williams said: “It is unfair that during this period between the end of the Wings Parking contract and the introduction of the TMO later this year that residents have had to pay for a permit. During that time there has been no monitoring and others have been able to park on the estate without paying.”

“We have written to Jonathan Cowie asking for a rebate on all residents parking permits for this period.

“Residents have often had problems finding a parking place despite having a permit. In addition, the resulting congested roads could have caused issues for emergency vehicles trying to access the estate.”

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