Churchill Labour Councillors call for CityWest Homes action on parking


 Churchill Labour Councillors Shamim Talukder and Jason Williams have written to CityWest Homes Chief Executive Jonathan Cowie to ask him to undertake a review of parking regulations on Churchill Gardens Estate.

Cllr Jason Williams said: “We have seen increasing complaints from residents about parking on the estate. There are concerns that permits are not being checked, leading to congestion on the roads and vehicles parking without a permit.”

He added: “We understand there will be a Traffic Management Order for the estate to regulate parking and enable Westminster’s Traffic Marshalls to patrol the estate, as well as issuing penalty notices. We want timescales for these measures to be implemented – and residents reassured that parking on the estate is fair and enables full access by the emergency services.”

Cllr Talukder said: “Parking on the estate continues to be a cause of concern for residents and we hope CityWest Homes can reassure residents that these concerns are being taken seriously and measures taken to ensure fair parking for all.” 

UPDATE: Sign our petition about parking on Churchill Gardens here.

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