Churchill Gardens


We have asked senior Council officers to respond to concerns on a number of issues raised by residents;

“A year has passed since Churchill Gardens Estate suffered the Council’s imposition of “Team Churchill” when it was declared an “area of high deprivation”. What benefits have the residents of the estate ‘enjoyed’ as a result of Team Churchill? How many residents have been involved? Security and drug use by outsiders on the estate seems to have become worse.”

“Now the Estate has another imposition from the Council – “Churchill Gardens Regeneration”. Who is responsible, what is the budget and what are the estimated costs? Residents know that the core of “regeneration” needed is a determination of the Council’s inactivity regarding the lamentable state of the Balmoral Pub. The intervention smells of being a spam so that the Council in the run up to the election can boast “the Council’s great concerns for the residents of the estate”. That would fool no one!”