Churchill Labour Councillors get action on Pimlico Road coach parking


Churchill Labour Councillors Andrea Mann and Shamim Talukder have secured action on Pimlico Road coach parking, and related coach/traffic issues on Ebury Bridge Road and Buckingham Palace Road.

After receiving this enquiry from a resident, they made immediate enquiries to the Council’s Highways Team. Residents say:

“Coaches are often parking on Pimlico Road in the morning, waiting to enter Victoria Coach Station.  I do not feel this is fair to residents that nearby streets are used as a permanent parking zones.  Royal Hospital Road banned coach parking last year, quite effectively I hear.   Why is this not possible for Pimlico Road, which is far busier and more polluted?   Without some action, Pimlico Road may find itself with a queue of waiting coaches, as used to be the case on Royal Hospital Road.”

Now the Council will be taking action. The Highways Team say:

“Pimlico Road is the strategic exit route from Victoria Coach Station for services out to Heathrow and the West in general – so it is advised that a Bus/ Coach ban on the road is not viable. However, the parking or waiting of coaches on sections of Single or Double Yellow Lines (during controlled hours for Single Yellow Lines) (SYL) will be in contravention to the local SYL controls at this location, in that:

I am forwarding this complaint about coach parking on Pimlico Road to the enforcement team for attention. However, the presence of this old and faded sign is inadequate to promote the order and we suspect that all other signs have been lost when lamp columns were replaced etc. So, we will look into this matter.In the meantime, we will also contact Victoria Coach Station management and FLIXBUS management to make contact with the operating companies.”

A further update from the Council, as a result of our continuing to raise residents’ complaints, confirmed that they are also asking National Express Ltd: “to add Pimlico Road is added to its geo-fence mapping system, which advises drivers, controllers etc what is/ what is not permitted across the UK road networks. Also we have advised them of our proposed schemes on Pimlico Road (Signs refresh and in greater number) and Ebury Bridge Road (Bus Ban).”

On this ‘Bus Ban’: the Council will soon be commencing the design and implementation of a proposed Ebury Bridge Road coach ban scheme. Given the inadequate signage mentioned above, they will also be “seeking to totally refresh this traffic order by implementing a set of new, larger and clear signs along the length of the road towards the Royal Hospital Road boundary with RBKC as means to fully clarifying this order for coach drivers.”

In addition to the above, we have also raised issues about the Buckingham Palace Road bus stop V, where London Buses are ‘over-ranking’ and gridlocking the VCS coaches behind. The Council agrees with the residents’ concerns we raised about this and is seeking to find a resolution to this bus stop issue.

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