Churchill Labour Action Team: Supporting CityWest residents


Churchill Labour Councillors Jason Williams and Shamim Talukder, and Labour Action Team member Andrea Mann, have been supporting residents over their issues with CityWest Homes.

We invited Jonathan Cowie, CEO of CityWest Homes, to meet with residents – and on March 15th, we showed him and his team around Churchill Gardens Estate, where residents spoke to them directly about the problems they’ve been facing: including issues with CityWest Homes call centre, major works, anti-social behaviour, mould and damp, and delays to repairs.

We have also been visiting blocks affected by major works, and holding special major works surgeries and door-knocking sessions to support residents.

If you have an issue with your housing and/or CityWest Homes that we can help with or raise with them, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Just email or call us on 020 8354 2617.

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