Cundy Street Quarter: Another victory for Walden House residents


Churchill Labour Councillors are delighted that Walden House residents have secured another victory in their discussions with Grosvenor Estates.

Grosvenor are planning to demolish both Walden House – a block of 40 Council homes – and Cundy Street Flats as part of their Cundy Street Quarter development, with building work due to start in late 2021.

In September 2019, thanks to support from Churchill Ward Labour Councillors, Walden House residents successfully secured a right to return to the new social housing being built as part of the development.

Now, Walden House residents have secured a second guarantee from Grosvenor: that they will be able to move directly from their current homes into their new ones if they so wish.

As Walden House resident Liza Begum tweeted:

“I am so pleased to have received this letter from @GrosvenorGRP. I could actually weep. We’ve been given the right to stay on site, while the new redevelopment is phased in. That takes off a huge amount of pressure of families. Knowing that we don’t have to move twice means we can move straight into our new homes. We really hope the newly built social homes will be managed by @CityWestminster with our current tenures. Amongst this difficult period of time this is some good news for Walden residents. “

Churchill Labour Councillors are delighted for the Walden House residents. We will continue to stand up for local residents affected by the new development.

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