Labour Councillors support Cundy Street and Walden House residents against Grosvenor demolition plans


Churchill Labour Councillors are supporting the residents of Cundy Street Flats and Walden House who are fighting to save their homes from demolition.

Grosvenor’s Cundy Street Quarter proposals would see these blocks – the homes of Grosvenor and council tenants – demolished, and Coleshill Flats residents lose their car park. We believe Grosvenor’s development plans are about putting profit ahead of people, and we back the residents’ campaign.



To find out more and to support the residents’ campaign, please like their Facebook page and follow them on Instagram. We also encourage local residents to share your views with Grosvenor, or ask them any questions you may have about the development: email

Local residents say:

“All this will be demolished with families and residents displaced, all so one of the wealthiest developers in the world – Grosvenor – can make even more profits… Please help us save our homes.”

“The community of Walden house and Cundy street being built up for many decades just being demolished and left homeless is unacceptable. I fear for the future of Belgravia and the decisions being made to evict people from their homes for profit.”

“I know that is is going to be extremely difficult for my friend who might have to leave Cundy Street, to find equivalent accommodation in the same neighbourhood, where all the friends and social pattern has been formed over many years.”

“This wonderful community being ripped apart! Some have been living here for decades and now being made homeless! Just all because of money and greed!”


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