Darwin House & Balmoral Castle: We continue to raise residents’ concerns over Council’s plans


Churchill Labour have continually raised our concerns with Westminster Council about its proposals for the Darwin House & Balmoral Castle site on Churchill Gardens.

We believe that all new housing built on our local historic estate should be social – not intermediate – housing. And while we support improved homes for Darwin House residents, we are concerned about the Council’s proposals and designs, which would lead to loss of light to surrounding flats as well as the demolition of an historic pub.

We are calling on the Council to delay its plans in order to make sure all local residents have been properly consulted and had their views heard.

Liza Begum, the Labour candidate for the Churchill Ward by-election on 6 May, told West End Extra: “I am in support of Darwin House residents having new homes, but the scheme does not offer any additional council housing, which should be made a priority in any redevelopment especially since Westminster has over 4,000 people on their housing list.

“The sensible step would be to delay any decision. Under the pandemic we cannot guarantee that all residents can engage in a thorough and meaningful consultation, especially elderly residents that have found themselves digitally excluded under lockdown, according to one response to the planning application.”

Robert Eagleton, who set up the Protect Churchill Gardens campaign group, said: “We believe that all new housing should be social housing. Given that thousands of families are on the waiting list, it is inappropriate for the council to be proposing to dedicate homes to intermediate rent.”

Read the full article on WestEnd Extra here.

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