Ebury Bridge Estate: Have your say on the Council’s proposed designs


All local residents are invited to give their feedback to Westminster City Council on its initial design proposals for the new Ebury Bridge Estate, as part of its pre-planning consultation.

We encourage you to view the designs and give your feedback in person at the Studio at 9 Ebury Bridge Road, SW1W 8QX at these times **between Monday 14 October and Saturday 26 October** (excluding Sunday 20 October):

• Mondays and Thursdays (11am – 7pm)
• Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays (11am – 5pm)
• Saturdays (11am – 3pm)

You can also get information on the Council’s dedicated Ebury Bridge website pages and give your feedback online, or by emailing them at eburybridge@westminster.gov.uk.

You can also call the team for free on 0800 011 3467.

Please see our Facebook page for updates on the Council’s plans.

We would like to know your views on the initial designs proposed by the Council – please contact us at info@churchilllabour.co.uk with your feedback.


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