Churchill Labour Councillors request new deadlines for Ebury Bridge consultation


Churchill Ward Labour Councillors Shamim Talukder and Jason Williams have written to Westminster Council’s Conservative Cabinet member for Housing, Councillor Rachael Robathan, to ask for the Ebury Bridge Estate consultation timescale to be extended to allow more residents a say.

Councillor Shamim Talukder said: “The consultation started over the summer – when a large number of residents were on holiday – and we are still getting feedback that residents have not been informed of the process or are aware of the consultation. Extending the initial phase would allow all residents to have a say in the process and ensure that everyone’s views are taken into account.”

Churchill Labour Councillors have also asked for clarification of when the scheme was deemed to not to be viable by developers and what steps the Council then took to inform residents of this as soon as possible.

In her report to June’s Cabinet meeting, Barbara Brownlee, Director of Housing and Regeneration, is quoted as saying: “Residents had voted on proposals in 2013 and a planning application had been duly prepared and approved. However, by 2015 it had become clear that the scheme was not commercially viable for developers and a subsequent review of the scheme determined that it was not deliverable.”

Councillor Jason Williams said: “It is very concerning that the Council knew the scheme was not viable by 2015 and did not inform residents until the meeting at the end of June 2017. What were they doing in the two years since they knew their scheme had failed?”

(Photo: @SaveEburyBridge)

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