Ebury Bridge Estate regeneration: Update from your Labour Councillors


We were very disappointed by the Council’s Housing Scrutiny Committee’s decision last night to accept the recent Cabinet decision on Ebury Bridge Estate’s regeneration.

The Committee backed Westminster Council’s plan to demolish the entire estate without a full ballot for residents.

At the meeting, we again reiterated that we, your Labour Councillors, are not against regeneration. We have always said – and will continue to say – that we support any regeneration plan that is wanted by the majority of Ebury residents.

And we do not want to delay any regeneration scheme for the sake of it – we know that, due to the Council’s mismanagement, residents have waited long enough and been put through untold stress, worry and uncertainty. We have simply always wanted to ensure that what happens next to the homes and lives of hundreds of people is not entered into lightly nor without majority residents’ support. And thus far, the Council has not proved that the proposed scheme has that support.

We also reiterated that we believe the consultation should have included the views of other nearby residents who will be impacted by the demolition of the estate and their local shops: such as those living in Cheylesmore House, on Ebury Bridge Road, and in the Westmoreland Triangle area.

Everyone’s home – and every retailer’s shop – will be demolished on the estate. There are many vulnerable people living on Ebury – including many children (who make up nearly a quarter of all residents). So we think it’s only right and fair that, after full consultation with residents, they are also all given a vote on the future of their homes, just as they were in 2013. Back then, the ballot resulted in a very high turn-out (over 60%) with 78% voting in favour of that scheme. Which shows that Ebury residents are engaged and will vote for a regeneration plan if they believe it’s a good one. We had hoped that, having shown their trust in residents 5 years ago, the Council would be willing to show that trust again in them now. But it appears not.

We will continue to represent and fight for ALL residents on Ebury Bridge Estate over the coming weeks and months. If you are an Ebury resident and would like to share your views with us, please don’t hesitate to get in touch by emailing us at info@churchilllabour.co.uk.

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