Nine Elms Bridge proposal: latest


We are continuing to oppose the London Borough of Wandsworth’s plans for a pedestrian bridge at Nine Elms.

The Deputy Mayor from Transport, Val Shawcross, has issued the following statement to provide clarity on the Mayor’s position:

“This scheme is being developed by the London Borough of Wandsworth and the Nine Elms Vauxhall Partnership. It will require the support of the London Borough of Westminster and residents on both sides of the river if it is to be taken forward.

“This is not a TfL or City Hall scheme and TfL is not currently undertaking any work on the project. Any scheme would require support from all affected local residents and authorities before being progressed.

“Also, just to add further clarity, there is currently no money assigned in the TfL budget for this project, nor are there any plans to provide financial support from TfL or the GLA.”