Grosvenor Waterside – Purple Dragon


We are delighted that the Planning Committee refused permission for this application to allow a car valet service to operate. Councillor Jason Williams spoke at the Committee and said:

“As Ward Councillor for the area I’m speaking in support of the officer’s recommendation to refuse permission for this application. The car valet service is greatly adding to the traffic issues for residents in Gatliff Road in Gatliff Close and the Grosvenor Waterside.

As you will see from the report the application is unnecessary as the applicant already have spaces provided in the underground car park and the permission to use these spaces was intended to avoid the very disruption to local residents that we currently see. The underground car park is well lit and safe enough for residents to use as it would be to visitors to the area. We already have a nursery in Gatliff Road which doesn’t feel the need for valet parking and sees no reason to offer this to its clients.

The disruption is not just the congestion in the civic square but the subsequent noise, the effect on road safety and the pollution from cars waiting to pass in what is already a very narrow street. From my visits to the site I’ve seen first-hand the impact this is having on people’s lives and the ability to enjoy their own homes. In a number of studio flats in Gatliff Close there was constant light pollution from backed up cars and they were unable to open the windows due to the pollution from the traffic. While I was there I could hear the noise and smell the exhaust fumes inside the flats and spoke to residents so fed up with this disruption to their homes that they were considering leaving.

The continuation of valet parking is having a very real effect on traffic in what is already a very narrow road – it is also having a very real effect on the lives of the people who have made the area their home. I therefore urge you to support the officers’ findings and reject this application.”

After the meeting residents told us;

“Thank you and your colleagues for your help in ensuring that all our voices were heard as we tried to end the chaos caused by valet parking for the Purple Dragons on Grosvenor Waterside. We have written separately to Jason Williams, who has been quite splendid and we are doing everything we can to make sure that our neighbours are aware of this.”

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