Fight to save Lupus Street Post Office taken up at Labour’s Brighton Conference


Local Churchill ward campaigner Jason Thomas Williams has spoken out against the Tory led Government’s refusal to support Pimlico residents’ call to save Lupus Street post office at Labour’s Annual Conference at Brighton.

Speaking at this week’s Labour Party Conference in Brighton, Jason said;

“The Lupus Street Post Office is a vital part of the local community and residents face a 20 minute walk to the nearest post offices in Vauxhall Bridge Road and Ebury Street and its closure will have a devastating effect on the community and local businesses.”

In his response to a petition from local residents presented to Parliament, Business Secretary Liberal Democrat Vince Cable MP, has rejected residents’ pleas to save the post office.

First, Mr Cable has washed his hands of any responsibility for the closure proposal and second, he tells elderly and disabled residents that it is OK for them to walk 20 minutes to the nearest alternative post offices

The consultation over the Post Office’s closure has now been delayed until 2014, causing more uncertainty for local people.

Government Minister Jo Swinson MP, the Minister responsible for Post Offices, previously snubbed a request from residents for an urgent meeting for her to see first-hand the importance of the threatened Lupus Street Post Office for the local community.

In a response from her office, the Liberal Democrat Minister for Employment Relations and Consumer Affairs refused to meet local residents and restated the plans to merge the Post Office with branches in Eccleston Street and Vauxhall Bridge Road.

Jason said;

“This is stark contrast to the local Labour campaign to keep the Lupus Street Post Office open which saw former Labour Home Secretary Alan Johnson MP join local Labour campaigners Murad Gassanly, Shamim Talukder and Jason Thomas Williams in fighting plans to close the Pimlico Post Office, an important community service for older people and families.”