Lupus Street – dog fouling


We asked the Council to consider the following request;

Would it be possible to do something about the pavement outside the shops along Lupus Street, particularly the south side? People allow their dogs to urinate here and if there’s no rain it can look horrible for ages. Litter seems to be cleared away fairly quickly but anything that’s spilt, drinks for example, is left. I know that pavements are generally not washed in the area but could Lupus Street be an exception?

The Council told us;

“The Local Warden has now carried out an inspection on Lupus Street and the stained spots at the backline wall area (where shoppers generally tie up their dogs) will be flushed this week. Areas around doorways can be a bit tricky but we will tackle it as best we can first thing in the morning and the Local warden will continue to monitor it. Lupus Street has a general footway flush every Thursday.