Lupus Street gas works & C10 bus service: Labour Councillors take action & make a difference


Churchill Ward Labour Councillors have been taking action on the issues resulting from the Cadent gas works on Lupus Street.

We have raised residents’ complaints and concerns about the works – including traffic issues, bus diversions and a lack of communication from Cadent – and been working with the Council and TfL to improve the situation.

As a result of the pressure we have put on TfL, Cadent and the Council, we are pleased to announce that as of 15th February we have got the vital C10 bus service back up and running along this stretch of Lupus Street.

All bus services had been diverted from this part of Lupus Street as a result of the gas works – including the C10, a small bus that is essential to many of our residents, especially the most vulnerable.

The works are due to go on until the end of April, and despite this – and the great disruption they have caused – local residents and businesses have not received any notification or updates from Cadent at all. Your local Labour Councillors will soon be meeting with the Council Leader and Cadent Gas representatives so that we can raise these issues and more.

Please let us know if you are a local resident who has been affected, and we will be sure to raise your concerns.

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