Lupus Street


We asked the Council to investigate this problem;

“The food lorries continue to park during the day for more than 40 minutes (no loading and unloading happening). Today a lorry was parked with its engine running for more than 40 minutes in front of our houses. Often vans delivering goods to properties being renovated in Westmoreland Place and Lupus Street park in residents designated parking spaces and in this stretch of Lupus Street itself with no indication that they have permission to do so. Other similar culprits are courier service vans”

The Council says;

“I can confirm that we continue to have this location under Special Enforcement and can confirm that visits are maintained regularly and at least hourly at the bend on the road that is of concern. I shall personally visit this location regularly to assess any failings in enforcement. I will also change around some of the officers who regularly visit this area so that there are no areas of complacency. I shall remind CEOs that if they observe any drivers abusing the loading/unloading rights then they should be dealt with as per Westminster’s enforcement code of practice i.e. a driver not seen loading/unloading and simply parked waiting.”