Nine Elms Bridge: Churchill Labour Councillor meets GLA and Wandsworth members


Churchill Labour Councillor Shamim Talukder has met with local activists and Labour representatives on the London Assembly and Wandsworth Council to discuss residents’ opposition to the proposed Nine Elms to Pimlico Bridge.

Labour London Assembly Members Andrew Dismore and Leonie Cooper, and Wandsworth Labour Councillors Fleur Anderson, Annamarie Critchard and Aydin Dikerdem, attended the site visit.

Councillor Shamim Talukder showed them the proposed landing sites in Pimlico and the impact they will have on our community.

Councillor Talukder commented: Churchill Labour Councillors have been opposed to the bridge at any location in Pimlico from day one and have been continuing to lobby Wandsworth to cancel this expensive white elephant. The money spent on this project could have been funding social housing which is urgently needed. The Mayor has made it clear that any bridge would need support on both sides of the river – it certainly does not have any support in Pimlico.”

London Assembly Member Andrew Dismore said: “It was helpful to visit Pimlico and see the problems on the ground. It is very difficult to see any scheme to build a bridge here that would not cause significant disruption. I don’t know why the Conservatives in Wandsworth persist with this scheme, which has no support in Westminster, and waste £500,000 of scarce public money. I’m sure there are plenty of schemes in Wandsworth they could consider to improve public transport and connectivity there.”