Nine Elms to Pimlico Bridge – Update


We are continuing to work closely with local residents to oppose Wandsworth Council’s proposed Nine Elms to Pimlico bridge. Residents say:

“Pimlico residents do not see the purpose of this fast cycling route and pedestrian path for several reasons:
Vauxhall Bridge already connects the two boroughs of Westminster and Wandsworth
The bridge will destroy beautiful gardens/trees and squares in Pimlico
It will create more traffic jams in Pimlico and overload the Pimlico underground station.
And sadly it will destroy many peoples lives here in Pimlico by destroying Pimlico Village/ community
People also feel that is costly and that the money could be better spent on more needed projects.”

Councillor Jason Williams, Churchill Ward, said:

“Wandsworth should call time on this unwanted vanity project. They’ve refused to listen to a large number of residents in Pimlico who don’t want the bridge. There has been a large community petition against the bridge and a wide ranging community campaign and yet Wandsworth still plough on without regard to the views of residents.  We call on Wandsworth Council to cancel this project before even more public money is spent on its development.”