Pimlico Academy protest: Westminster Labour’s response


We support Pimlico Academy students and staff in raising their concerns about the curriculum, uniform policy and other issues at the school.

Liza Begum, the Labour candidate in the Chuchill Ward by-election on 6 May and a former Pimlico Academy pupil, went to the protests at the school today and told MyLondon:

“I spoke to children this morning and they were upset about Black History Month being removed from the history curriculum, and subjects about ethnic minorities being removed.

I was watching the demonstration today and it was a peaceful event. I’m proud of the students who have taken direct action.”

Westminster Labour councillors have contacted Cllr Tim Barnes, Cabinet Member for Young People and Learning – asking for a briefing on the situation at Pimlico Academy and what Westminster Council is doing about about it.

Liza Begum has also written to the school’s Vice Principal Mr Oulton, raising the concerns and issues students are protesting about.

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