Residents in six Westminster wards will have to wait for more than 6 minutes for a fire engine if Mayor’s Fire Station closures go ahead


The London Fire Brigade has released details of increased response times for local wards in London, including Westminster, revealing that 6 wards in Westminster will now fall outside of the target response time, due to the Mayor’s decision to cut 12 fire stations (including Westminster Fire Station in Greycoat Place), 18 fire engines and 520 firefighters.

The 6 wards in Westminster are:

The information was quietly released onto the London Fire Brigade’s website late yesterday (Tuesday)

Councillor Paul Dimoldenberg, Leader of the Labour Group, said:

“These figures clearly show that the Mayor has been misleading Westminster residents, and his cuts will mean that people across Westminster will have to wait significantly longer for a fire engine to arrive in the event of an emergency. In Vincent Square ward the increase is from 3.54 minutes to 6.14 minutes – a 2.20mins increase, in Warwick ward there will be an increase from 4.34 minutes to 7.16 minutes – an 2.42mins and in Tachbrook ward it will mean a response time increase from 4.29 minutes to 6.33 minutes – a 2.04mins increase.”

“Getting to a fire quickly saves lives. Seconds matter in these life and death situations. A fire can quadruple in intensity every two minutes. These figures show that the Mayor’s cuts will put lives at risk. The Mayor should abandon his plans to close the Westminster Fire Station immediately”