Labour supports Ebury Bridge Residents


This month residents will be faced with a vote on a plan which promises to redevelop Ebury Bridge Estate by building 265 new homes and refurbishing a further 164.

Labour supports regeneration but does not see the Council’s plans as providing much needed housing for local families. The new affordable housing will not be affordable to most working families in the area. The new housing that is promised will be bought up by ‘buy to rent’ speculators and private landlords who will charge very high rents. New housing should be ring fenced for Westminster families on the housing waiting list.
Most people in Westminster who receive housing benefit are in work – more affordable housing for rent would allow more residents to become more self-sufficient and save money for the government.

We are also calling on Westminster City Council to offer cast-iron assurances about the type of tenancy and rent level residents will face before this month’s yes/no vote.

Westminster Labour’s housing spokesperson Councillor Guthrie McKie said:

Council tenants must be given cast iron assurances on their tenancies when they are decamped and when they return to a flat in the estate. All existing rights must be retained particularly those relating to life time tenancies. They should be clearly spelt out in a document before they vote.