Tesco Lupus Street


We have asked the Council to take action on this matter;

Every day, and all day, including the weekend, this store keeps its piles of rubbish in metal cages OUTSIDE the store on the public footpath. I have spoken to the Manager and have telephoned Tesco head office three times. Each time I am told that of course this is a disgrace and, of course, the matter will be dealt with immediately. Nothing ever happens. We were told that Tesco would enhance the neighbourhood – it has turned this area of Lupus Street into a permanent rubbish dump. Please, please can the Council take action?

The Council has updated us as follows;

This has been passed to the local warden to monitor, so far he has spoken to Tescos to ensure they don’t continue to keep stock/rubbish on the public highway, which they have assured him they won’t. I will ask him for an update temporarily. If it persists I will be taking it up with Tesco head office.