Trolleys and rubbish left outside Lupus Street ‘Express’ store sparks anger


The ‘West End Extra’ reports;

“PILES of rubbish and delivery trolleys left blocking the pavement outside a Tesco Express in Pimlico have led to a volley of complaints.

Lupus Street Tesco trolleysOne angry local has launched an online campaign to document the disruption on a Twitter account named “Scenes from a Tesco”.
The anonymous user describes the purpose of the account as “cataloging the often-depressing scenes from Lupus Street Tesco”.
The problem dates back many months and the account sprang in to life in April.

Churchill ward councillor Murad Gassanly said he had received a number of complaints about the so-called “cages” obstructing the street.

He said: “We have had several complaints about the cages outside and we are talking to Tesco about this.”

In May, the user, who tweets as @awfulmarket, said: “Stop polluting my Lupus Street neighbourhood pavement, @tesco #sackthismanagernow”
It was hoped a recent refurbishment of the store would solve the problem but days later the cages returned and @awfulmarket posted a picture of the scene with the caption: “Welcome to beautiful, newly remodelled Lupus Street Tesco.”

Cllr Gassanly said: “We have had a refurbishment and we had hoped the change would have an impact on all these issues.
“Unfortunately that doesn’t seem to be the case.”

Sue Walsh, chair of the Churchill Gardens residents’ association, said it was a ongoing problem, adding: “I have personally witnessed women having to walk in the road with their buggies and elderly people having to try to dance around them.
“At the weekend it’s even worse. They just have them everywhere and they’re there all day long.
“People go there because it’s convenient. The elderly don’t want to walk for miles to get their paper and milk, I certainly don’t, but I want Tesco to have more responsibility in Pimlico.”
As part of the remodelling, the store handed out shopping bags with “I love Pimlico” emblazoned on the side. However, their commitment to the area was questioned when the lines of cages quickly returned and @awfulmarket tweeted a picture of the mess with the accompanying caption: “You handed out bags that said ‘I heart Pimlico’. Clearly, @Tesco, you do not.”

A Tesco spokesperson said: “We are very sorry for the inconvenience and are working closely with our store and distribution team to address the issue.”

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