Churchill Labour Councillors standing up for residents on the University Technical College


As your local ward Councillors, Shamim Talukder and Jason Williams  understand residents’ concerns about the opening of the University Technical College (“UTC”) in Sutherland Street.

In 2014 we lobbied the Council on the timeframe for their public consultation and raised residents’ concerns about parking, the size of the development and the impact on the local bus service.

In September 2015 we spoke up for residents at the Planning Committee meeting expressing residents’ concerns, as well as speaking at the committee itself on the impact the proposals will make. 

Cllr Jason Williams said: “We have serious concerns about the impact this and the residential building will have on the local community. We have been speaking to local residents and will continue to work with them on this. It is a real issue that this is a school without any outdoor recreation area within the development and we had hoped for the application to be deferred so residents’ concerns could be taken on board.”

Cllr Shamim Talukder said: “We had hoped that the committee would have heard local residents’ real concerns at both the height of the residential offer and the impact the college will have on the local community which we represent. There were loud gasps in the audience when the illustrations of the impact of the building were shown, which shows just what a huge impact this will have in the community.”

After Westminster Council’s planning committee approved the UTC plans 3-1, we worked with residents and the college to establish a Residents Liaison Committee to ensure that residents’ concerns are taken on board by the UTC’s Principal. 

Churchill Labour Councillors Shamim Talukder and Jason Williams held a further UTC Residents Liaison Committee meeting with the UTC Principal and Residents from Westmoreland Triangle and Peabody Avenue. The next meeting will be in November 2017..


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