We raise concerns over Lupus Street parking bays and cycle lane


Churchill Labour councillors Cllr Andrea Mann and Cllr Shamim Talukder have raised residents’ concerns about the temporary pavement widening on Lupus Street with Westminster Council – which has resulted in the loss of the cycle lane along Lupus Street, and many resident parking bays.

While Churchill Labour councillors support the Council’s new ‘Movement Strategy’ to improve routes and safety for cyclists and help safe social distancing for pedestrians, we don’t think that one should come at the expense of the other – and we question the need to widen a stretch of pavement which is already relatively wide.

We also think that any local resident paying full price for a parking permit should be helped or compensated in some way as a result of losing so many local bays.

We have raised all the above issues with the Council, and await their response.

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