Westminster Labour urge against permanent closure of Gordon Hospital


The Gordon Hospital in Pimlico – the only inpatient mental health facility in South Westminster – is facing permanent closure by CNWL (Central and North West London) NHS Foundation Trust, following its temporary closure during the Covid-19 pandemic.

But as this MyLondon news report shows, and as Westminster City Council has revealed, this temporary closure has led to some local residents being kept in A&Es and even police cells due to the lack of local inpatient beds. The Council’s Cabinet Member for Adult Social Care and Public Health has said that the Council “are getting daily notifications from social workers on the impact of the shortage of local inpatient beds”. The Council has also confirmed that some Gordon inpatients were moved to outer London as a result of its temporary closure.

The inpatient wards at the Gordon Hospital are not good enough by modern standards – but that is no reason to close the hospital without making provisions for improved facilities at another location in South Westminster or improving the wards at the Gordon.

Westminster Labour urges CNWL to keep the Gordon Hospital open until such time as improved inpatient wards are available at another location in South Westminster for our local residents.

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